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Topsolar GMI500 500W 230Vac Plug & Play grid-tied Micro Inverter

Topsolar GMI500 500W 230Vac Plug & Play grid-tied Micro Inverter

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Topsolar GMI500 is the micro inverter for plug & play type grid connection to manage panels up to 500Wp, 185x106x40mm, 785g.

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Topsolar GMI500 500W 230Vac Plug & Play grid-tied Micro Inverter

The GMI500 inverter is a MICRO INVERTER for plug & play type grid connection to manage panels up to 500Wp.
AC Output Voltage: 180-280VAC.
PV Input Voltage: 18-50VDC.
MPPT Voltage Range: 24V-40V.
Max Imput Power: 500W.
Rated Output Power: 490W.
AC Frequency: 47.5Hz/57.5Hz-62.5Hz.
Dimensions WxHxD: 185x106x40 mm.
Weight: 785 g.

1. Green light steady = Microinverter
in generating.
2. Red flash = Microinverter in waiting.
3. Red light steady:
a. Island protection.
b. Over-temperature protection.
c. Over/Low AC voltage protection.
d. Over/Low DC voltage protection.
e. Over/Low AC frequency.
f. Fault.

Prior installing, Please verify the AC/DC voltage matches with the sticker.
Step 1 - Attaching the Microinverters to the Racking.
Step 2 - Connecting the Microinverter AC cable and connection to AC bus cable (L-Brown, N-Blue, G-Green&Yellow) one by one.
Step 3 - Connecting Microinverters  to the PV Module.
Step 4 - Install AC Branch Circuit Junction Box, Wire the conductors of the AC bus cable. Connect the AC branch circuit junctions box to the point of utility-grid Interconnection.
Step 5 - Double check al Microinverters, connectors and cables are correctly and well connected.
Step 6 - Turn ON the AC circuit breaker on each AC branch circuit.
Step 7 - Turn ON the main AC circuit breaker of utility-grid. Your system will start producing power after a 3 sec safety delay period.

Read user manual before operating this equipment. Failure to do so can result in serious injury, property damage, and/or electrical shock.
• Use photovoltaic PV panel ONLY connect to this equipment.
• Do not exceed PV panel voltage over the inverter max input voltage.
• Do not exceed PV power over the inverter max input power.
• DC voltage sources are pass through this equipment. Each circuit must be individually disconnected before servicing.
• Do not cover other items on this equipment.
• Do not remove the lid. Servicing must be performed by
qualified service personnel.
• When PV array is exposed to light, it supples DC voltage.
• Install away from direct sunlight and direct rain

Brand: Topsolar.
Made in P.R.C.

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